The History of Soap

Bela Gyarmati

It is believed that the ancient Babylonians invented soap by mixing fats with wood ash and water back in 2800 B.C. as evidenced by Babylonian Clay containers found with inscriptions of soap recipes on them.  However, the soaps were most likely used to clean wool and cotton in preparation for weaving and not used for cleaning the body.


The Ancient Egyptians also made soap by combining both vegetable and animal oils with alkaline salts to form a soap-like substance.  Similarly, Phoenicians and Ancient Greeks combined goat tallow, wood ashes and lye to use for cleansing and medicine to treat sores and skin ailments.  Soap was believed to be widely used by the Roman Empire as archeologist had discovered an entire soap factory in the ruins of Pompeii.  However, the use of soap for personal hygiene did not become popular until the later centuries of the Roman era.


The Celts, who used animal fats and plant ashes to make their soap, named the product saipo, from which the word soap is derived.  Arabic people made soap from vegetable oils such as olive oil and other aromatic oil such as thyme oil.  Sodium Lye NaOH formula was used for the first time and it hasn't changed from the current soap sold in markets all over the world today.


As you can see, Mermaid Cove is utilizing an ancient art to bring you high quality products in a time-honored tradition.

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Who is Mermaid Cove?

Bela Gyarmati

Our Inspiration:


On a warm summer’s eve in the Gulf of Mexico our family made the spontaneous choice to go for a late-night swim on the beach. A full moon above lit our way as we danced along the gulf’s shore, wading into the shallows and meditating under the light of the full moon. While enjoying the magic of the sea we could see little black blobs moving in the darkness contrasting against the white sand, and upon further inspection realized they were sea turtle hatchlings, making their way to the ocean. We all left feeling blessed to have witnessed a true miracle.

The ocean has always had a special place in my family’s heart. The power and majesty of her, along with the beauty and mystery. I catch myself entranced gazing over the horizon, curious about what lays beneath. Sunken ships? Buried treasures? Mermaids? 

We have been blessed to be able to visit the ocean often, and we wanted to bring some of that energy to you. We developed this company so that you could experience the magic of that night under the moon. Or a sunset along the sea. We wanted to encompass the sensuality of a light sea breeze, refreshing your face on a warm day.

Our Responsibility:


With that said, it was important for us to also educate those on the fact that the beauty of and the creatures living in the ocean are at risk. Through pollution, overfishing, plastic, and climate change, we have created an unprecedented situation. There are thousands of species on the endangered list, including the sea turtles we saw making their way to the water that evening. Every choice we make from the products we buy, to how we consume our food has an effect on the ocean, whether you live in land or right on the shore. 

It breaks my heart and I feel helpless to the degradation of the environment. I thought, we can do better... We must do better, and we can do that by making better decisions to help the oceans, and the planet as a whole. We benefit when nature benefits, and that is why we have brought Mermaid Cove to you.

Our Fruition:


Mermaid Cove was built on the idea that you can have luxury skincare, while still doing good for the planet. Our first question within the design of our products is, how can we make this more sustainable and ethical. We come from an eco-conscious mindset so when you buy our products, you can feel comfort in knowing you’re doing good for the earth while doing good for your skin.

Our Promise:

  • We will donate a proceed of every purchase to the protection of marine life and marine eco-systems.
  • We will provide quality artisan skincare products that will be made with love from our team.
  • We will have environmental considerations at the forefront of all business decisions.
  • We will inspire magic and interest in the ocean in all of her beauty.

So, come to the cove with us, we are very excited for you to be a part of our story. 

Magic is closer than you think…


All love



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