Conservation Commitment

We at Mermaid Cove are committed to helping the oceans however we can. Our company was founded on this commitment, and that is why we are donating $1 from every item purchased to Oceana Canada.

Oceana Canada, is an independent charity established to restore Canadian oceans to be as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were, is proud to be affiliated with the international family of Oceana organizations.

Oceana, Inc., founded in 2001, is the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation. The Oceana family includes organizations in Brazil, Belize, Chile, the European Union, Peru, the Philippines and the United States. Oceana organizations work in their home regions to educate the public about ocean conservation issues and to raise the profile of ocean conservation with decision-makers. Science is an essential element of our work to identify problems and solutions.

Oceana offices all over the world envision a future where the world's oceans are filled with life and enormous schools of anchovies, sardines and other fish are common sights. Where marlins, sharks and tuna roam the seas in large numbers; where coral gardens, sea-grass meadows and other ocean landscapes thrive and sustain its life; where dolphins, whales and sea turtles flourish; where local fishing cultures and economies blossom rather than decline; and where seafood is a healthy and plentiful source of food for hundreds of millions of people.


Mermaid Cove hopes to make a difference. We want to help preserve and protect the ocean and everything living within it. Let's protect marine-life together.